• Mains

    • Bagpipers Cheese and bacon burger


      Our beef burgers are homemade & served on a freshly baked bun & topped with lettuce, chopped onions & our house burger dressing. They are served with potato wedges, coleslaw & choice of sauces.

      Choice of Sauces:
      Chili béarnaise, aioli, ranch dressing, honey mustard or bbq sauce.

    • Halloumi & Portobello burger


      Grilled halloumi and Portobello mushrooms along with grilled courgette and aubergine, topped with alfalfa sprouts and aioli. Served with potato wedges and coleslaw.

    • The Cheat-Day Burger


      Smoky beef burger stuffed with cheese & deep fried in panko crumbs, served with our house burger dressing, jalapeno mayo & lettuce next to potato wedges and coleslaw.
      A new classic!

    • Chicken Caesar Salad


      Grilled spring chicken breast & bacon with romaine lettuce mixed with crutons, Caesar dressing & parmesan cheese.

    • Fish & Chips


      A generous helping of our beer battered cod, served with potato wedges, green pea salad & tartar sauce.

    • The Famous BBQ Ribs


      Baby back spare ribs with spicy BBQ sauce. Served with potato wedges, coleslaw & corn on the cob.

    • Ancho Chilies & black bean chimichanga


      Soft shell tortilla stuffed with mexican rice & black beans, fried with peppers, ancho & chipotle chilies. Topped with sour cream & coriander. Served with guacamole, pico de gallo & sweet potato fries.
      Vegan option available

    • Bookmakers Toast


      Marinated and grilled Flank steak served on a cheese and Dijon baked Levain toast with stout cooked onions, mixed crispy salad, a generous helping of freshly grated horseradish and a side of French fries.